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Parul Hospital

Home State-of-The-Art IVF Procedures In A Comfortable Environment

Parul Hospital, a Women’s Hospital for Infertility, IVF treatment, IUI treatment,ICSI Treatments,Maternity, laparoscopy and Menopause was founded in 2011 in Anand, Gujarat, India. Established by noted gynecologist Dr. Nimesh Patel who has 18 plus years of experience, It is a well-known, prestigious, internationally-accepted hospital for pregnancy and IVF care.

As per multiple studies, infertility has been a major cause of stress and social stigma among couples in the recent years. Infertility is affecting at least 15 % of the couples in the country.

Hectic lifestyle, uneven and unhealthy eating habits, late marriages, pollution are some of the very important factors that affect the fertility of a couple. Apart from these there are instances where either of the partner have some congenital defects that does not allow the couple to conceive. Many a times it is hard for a couple to understand the exact reason behind infertility on their own. 25% of the couples are diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. The requirement for such couple is to get the right consultation from the experienced specialists.

Patients at Parul hospital has witnessed a huge number of success stories related to infertility treatment in our IVF Clinic at Anand. We have a footfall of more than 10,000 patients during a year. With a high success ratio in IVF treatment per cycle, we have developed a huge fan base among patients and we enjoy very healthy relationship with the families.


Our Departments

Safe and successful fertility.

Pregnancy & High Risk-Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure the best outcome for the mother and Home baby.

Laparoscopy & Endoscopy Surgery

our doctor uses specialized instruments to view and operate on the internal organs. low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that requires only small Home incisions.


Fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm sample, and then manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory Home dish.

Dr. Nimesh T. Patel

M.D. (Gynec)
In medical profession our success and happiness is dependent upon patients well being. Whenever a success story is added for an infertility treatment, we feel that we are blessed by god to help couples in conceiving a child. We at Parul hospital are specialized in treatment under various types of infertility issues faced by couples. The major are as follows:
  • Fertility through medication
  • Assisted Conception (Pregnancy)
  • IUI, IVF, Surrogacy and ICSI

Parul Hospital is today considered as one of the Best IVF Clinic in Anand and surrogacy clinics in Anand and the surrounding area. We hold a prominent place in laparoscopic surgery such as hystero-laparoscopy in infertility, ectopic, pregnancy and total laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Patients Facilities

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laparoscopy endoscopy surgery
Simple form filling procedures & guidance

To keep patients calm and clean in a high-quality environment. Our Special Embryologists and Counseling Team provide appropriate guidance to patients coming to the childbirth. Patients’ families are introduced to the hospital’s simple rules by our kind Home counselor.

High quality medical treatment

In the Parul Hospital, uterine surgery, uterine tumor operation, uterine tube attachment, ovarian tumor operation, and ovarian cancer surgery are performed with very skilled physicians and additional Home facilities.

patient care
Patient Monitorings

Our Staff members have enough skills to perform high-end results. Our staff members are always monitored to ensure that there is always a smile on the patient’s face and we provide the patient Home with no problem.